Continuous positive airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is provided by devices to help splint the airway open while you sleep.  The most common diagnosis for CPAP therapy is Obstructive sleep Apnea also known as OSA.  OSA when treated by CPAP therapy can be life changing for individuals.  Common OSA symptoms include, daytime sleepiness, headaches, and lack of mental clarity.  With CPAP therapy most symptoms improve or subside.  Our therapist specialize in educating on proper use of CPAP therapy devices and a formal mask fit.  We carry the latest technology in CPAP therapy with remote monitoring to assist in patient compliance.

When CPAP therapy does not meet your needs we also provide Bi-level devices.  Bi-Level device provide pressure at two levels, rather than one continuous pressure to breath against.  Bi-level has a high and a low level that syncs with your inhale and exhale to make using the device easier.

CPAP/Bi-level Manufatures and models:

  • Resmed
    • S-9
    • Airsense 10 Auto
    • Air
  • Fisher Paykel
    • Icon Auto
  •  Respironics
    • Remstar Auto A-Flex