Ventilation of a family member is never an easy decision.  When the time comes, you can be assured our respiratory therapist come with years of experience and are highly trained to assist you in getting your loved one home safely and to help keep them home.  We will provide extensive training for parents, nurses and caregivers on home ventilation.  Care and cleaning for new and existing trachesostomies, suction teaching, humidification set up, and assuring the appropriateness of respiratory supplies.  For our non-invasive patient we perform a formal mask fitting to assure the best fit possible.  We also review trouble shooting techniques and continue to reinforce any teaching that is needed until competencies have been met.

We know the changes in respiratory condition may change for your loved one, which is why we are available 24/7 with on call service and continued regular visits to help each step of the way.

We currently provide the following ventilators for invasive or non-ivasive use:

  • Respironics Trilogy 100
  • Pulmonetics-LTV