About Us

Opened in 2006 as a traditional durable equipment company.  In 2011 and under new management, Romo Medical changed their focus to include Pediatric Services.


We deliver comprehensive respiratory care and durable medical equipment to the local and extended community


We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. With on call service 24/7.  Please contact us for any questions or comments.


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 Why Us?

Experienced Respiratory Therapist and service technicians

We employ highly skilled and trained certified and registered respiratory therapist with experience in intensive care units and pediatric care. Our service technicians are put through rigorous training to assure competency and have certifications in specific equipment training and troubleshooting.

24/7 On Call Service

We offer peace of mind, if any of our rental equipment fails, we have highly trained technician and therapist available 24/7 for trouble shooting and replacement of equipment.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use only the latest equipment available in home care. We constantly search for new technology to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best of care to our patients.

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